Monday, June 22, 2015

Going to Fiji

 In   2014  I   went   to   Fiji  it   was   beautiful   and  cool. Me  Abby  Josh   mum   and    dad  slept    in  a  hotel  in  a  apartment. It  was  good.

 one   night  we  went  to   a   beautiful   cafe. We  ate  a  lot  of  cool    food.  it  was    awesome.
but  it   was   pretty.  on  the  first  night  we  went in  the  big  pool.

 One   day   dad  lit  me  git  a  drink  at  the  pool   bar  it  was   tasty. the   big     pool   is  awesome  and  cool.

one morning  me  and  Abby  swam  in  the  big  pool  it  was   fun   

                                    one  day   mum   got  as   a  ice  cream   it  was  delicious

                             but  one  day   we  all  went  to  the  bar   its   was   cool   for   cats

                                 one   morning  dad   took  as  kids  to  the  inflatable   water  park.

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